EFL Teachers Look at Themselves: Could They Grow Together?

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Adriana González Moncada
Claudia Montoya
Nelly Sierra Ospina


This paper reports the findings of a study in which EFL teachers reflect on their work conditions and professional needs. Data were collected through focus groups. Results show that EFL teachers from public and private schools see themselves as very different from each other. The language proficiency they believe each group has, the access to teaching materials, the students' motivation, the social problems faced in their classrooms, and the work conditions represent the issues that generate the division between these two groups. The need to promote more instances of mutual recognition and understanding in professional training programs is concluded by the researchers.

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González Moncada, A., Montoya, C., & Sierra Ospina, N. (2016). EFL Teachers Look at Themselves: Could They Grow Together?. HOW, 9(1), 27–33. Retrieved from https://www.howjournalcolombia.org/index.php/how/article/view/201
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